The Founder of the Cooperative, Mr. Jimmy Magro, was well aware of the vacuum that existed in the olive sector in Malta and Gozo, that although the sector was gaining importance, there was no entity that represented the sector and provide the required training to the olive growers.  This is well documented in the National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018 - 2028:

National Agricultural Policy (NAP) for the Maltese Islands 2018 – 2028

The NAP has very extensive coverage of the olive sector in Malta. Data from the NAP indicated that Malta and Gozo have around 130 hectares of land used for olive cultivation. One of the main recommendation contained therein is:

“Thus, notwithstanding its potential, this sector is still fragmented and producers act individually. An organisational setup that represents the interests of the olive oil producers in Malta would assist in the proliferation of best practice, address the erratic cultivation methods, and harmonising currently inconsistent processing protocols. It is also required to identify market strategies for this prestigious product at favourable prices and, most importantly, to analyse the sector potential so as to create a clear strategy for reaching production targets. “

The NAP refers to Legal Notice 66 of 2014 which regulates the production of olive oil and its placement on the market. It states that there is need for enforcement on the implimentation of this legal notice in order to ensure that olive oil placed on the market conforms to the requirements of the legal notice.

The above fully supports the setting up of the Cooperative since the Cooperative immediately embarked on the objectives set-out in the NAP as delineated above. Furthermore, membership in the Cooperative will have the following advantages:

Produce and disseminate best practices in olive cultivation;
Provide olive oil testing facilities at competitive prices;
Provide better opportunities for the use of EAFRD funding programs;
Provide better logistics with the millers through the use of digital tools;
Olive growers will be united under one organisation with a strong voice;
Identify marketing strategies for extra virgin olive oil in markets in Malta and abroad;
Analyze the olive sector potential to create a clear strategy for reaching production targets;
Provide assistance to overcome the economies of scale and provide education and training.

Our Products and Services

Koperattiva Produtturi taz-Zebbug Limited is targeting in becoming a first class cooperative society that can provide comprehensive services to its members to create a better quality product that can be placed on the international markets. We are in business to provide technical know-how to our members that will improve productivity, better pest management practices, use of new technology and measures to combat climate change.   In the short-term we have already registerd our own brand name - MALITA - and we are selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil to local and international markets.  Those interested in placing an order for our EVOO can do so on our mobile number +356-79493556 or our email kpzmalta@gmail.com

In the future, we will consider the possibility that we operate a state-of-the-art olive oil processing and packaging plant as part of our complimentary business.  This will mainly depend on the cooperation response which is being sought from the existing olive millers, especially in the introduction of digital services and a full traceability system.

We are in this line of business to make a social profit, and we will ensure that we do all that is allowed by the law of Malta to achieve our business goals and objectives. 

The Olive Growers Cooperative Limited is the national organisation representing the olive growers in Malta and Gozo and as such offers cooperation to international journalists and media persons visiting Malta and would like to have information about the olive sector in Malta.  The Cooperative is offering both visits to the olive groves and also olive tasting sessions to all interested parties.  For further information on our services please call on +356-79493556.

In the first three years, these are the areas we will concentrate on in the olive sector:

Encourage the cultivation of olive trees

Encourage the production of olive oil of high quality

Ensure that the legal framework is establsihed for the sector

Establish sound co-operation agreements with our stakeholers

Initiate local and international campaigns

Embark on olive growers and consumers educational program

Embark on the development of rural and olive tourism

Enter into EU funded projects with local and international organisations